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This tour traces the history of Dubrovnik's Jewish community and its glittering success during the centuries. We'll pay a visit to Dubrovnik's synagogue, one of the most cherished sites of Jewish culture in Europe. The combination of a 13th century Gothic house with a 16th century Sephardic synagogue interior makes this place an astonishing historical site where your eyes will be captured by splendid decoration of the interior. Our expert guides will present to you delightful stories and anecdotes from everyday's life in the Jewish Ghetto (established 1546, in present-day Žudioska ulica - Jewish Street).

The history of the Jews in the former Yugoslavia dates back to the period of the Roman Empire, some 2000 years ago, with no evidence on continuity until the 15th century. After fleeing from the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions a large numbers of Jews found refuge on the Balkan Peninsula, mostly in Ottoman ruled areas.   .

Jews under Ottoman ruled areas were engaged in many fields of commerce between the various provinces in the Ottoman Empire and were prominent in trade, manufacture and medicine (alternative). In Austro-Hungarian area Jews were mostly engaged in trade, and later on in industrial development, medicine, law and finance, civil engineering, education and administrative service.
Of the 82,500 Jews of Yugoslavia alive in 1941, only 14,000 (17%) survived the Holocaust.

This walk will also emphasize the diverse influences on the Community that are unique for this part of Europe and you'll be able to learn about every aspect of Jewish life in Dubrovnik until today.