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Are you familiar with the fact that the Balkan Peninsula was perceived as 'the gunpowder-barrel of Europe'?

Several wars have burst in the 20th century in this region, resulting in more military and civilian deaths than in any other period in history. Faced with complex history and popular misconceptions observers often find it difficult to explain what was actually going on. We will present you with the historical background of conflicts that took part between the republics of former Yugoslavia, emphasizing Croatian homeland war and the siege of Dubrovnik.

Through our walk you'll be able to find out how citizens of Dubrovnik managed to cope with sudden and brutal strike on their city (UNESCO World Heritage Site, not to be forgotten) . This attack and 8-month long siege that followed terrified the local population and shocked the international community.

Learn about amazing recovery after the war was finally over, revival of tourism and unbreakable Croatian spirit. All of this will be presented by our guide with first-person experience as you walk along the streets of magical Old City of Dubrovnik.